Action Youth has developed evidence-based programming using the Search Institute's ( 40 Developmental Assets as the building blocks of healthy development that help young children grow up healthy, caring and responsible. 


On-Campus Program

On-campus is where Action Youth teaches the core values of healthy life choices, academic excellence and leading to serve via an elective class.  During this class students will complete Action Youth's evidence-based curriculum, develop an individual breakthrough plan, create student-led service projects and mentor two incoming freshman.  Students will also travel to schools around the region sharing an encouraging message of hope, strength and will power to succeed through a multi-media, student-led, in-school assembly. Action Youth prides itself on providing students with real decision making power, real influence, and real money to develop solutions for the needs of their community. 













Off-Campus Program

Off-campus is where intentional developmental relationships are formed and memories are created for life-long mentoring.  Activities such as professional sporting events, bowling, lasertag, trampoline centers, and much more act as relationship accelerators for the Youth Worker and student to begin creating their own memories which unlock the heart of the student and build trust.  In addition to the fun, students are able to participate in other partner program activities such as youth enterprise/micro-businesses, STEM programs, faith exploration, and much more. By partnering with community based organizations, faith-based organizations, and local churches we are able to meet the needs of students at a developmental level while providing resources and support, Action Youth doesn't provide, for the student's family.











Outdoor Experience 

Our Outdoor Program consists of activities that facilitate an educational framework emphasizing high achievement through active learning, character development and teamwork. Activities include backpacking, water skiing, camp, snowboarding, urban adventures, high-ropes, rafting, and much much more. Many of our students experience our activities for the first time in their lives.















LeadNOW Initiative

Our LeadNOW Initiative is our high school/college intern & leadership development program for high capacity students who have displayed leadership at a higher level then their peers. These are students that need to be challenged more then in class. These students have the potential to become volunteers for our program, lead program initiatives, engage in our student board, and influence community initiatives.  These students are engaged in a two year intense leadership development program Off-Campus.  LeadNOW students develop strategic, significant and sustainable initiatives for their peers that have a lasting impact in their community. 













(2013-14 Action Youth Assembly "Can't Stop Me" at Lincoln High School)