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Action Youth is offered as an elective class for students on-campus within the Denver Public Schools.

The On-Campus focus is to teach the value of

healthy life choices, academic excellence, and leading to serve through our system of mentorship

Full-time staff work as Student Development Specialists - teaching Action Youth classes and facilitating mentorship with students

• On-Campus curriculum focuses on building capacity in 5 strategic areas we call S.P.I.C.E (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Community/Social, & Emotional).

• 60% of Action Youth staff time is utilized after-school in developmental mentoring relationships at school sporting events, college prep meetings, one-on-one discussions, small group meetings, and so much more.

• Action Youth students complete an individual Breakthrough Plan for their Personal Life and Career. This plan is implemented by students throughout high school and beyond.

• Action Youth students identify issues and create solutions in class via Service Projects and Social Empowerment Initiatives.

• Students are invited to voluntarily attend the weekly RISE program

Former RISE student speaking about her journey to college
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